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Who we are

We are a virtual/digital, cloud accounting firm based in Ontario, Canada.

We are offering a full-service Accounting, Finance, and Bookkeeping for eCommerce, SaaS, digital companies.

We are processing your transactions daily and this enables the timely and proactive feedback to support your decision-making and other value-added services as additional benefits to our customers.

Choosing Lean SMART Accounting allows you to worry less about your finances and focus more on what truly matters to you.

Why us

In a rapidly changing, highly competitive business environment​, companies lack not only visibility but also predictability, into their assets’ health and performance. 
We will automate processes, the ability to integrate and analyze data, and a workforce with digital capabilities.
We will integrate data and a full set of digital tools, CFOs are unable to detect and quickly respond to real-time business changes.
We will help to develop a digital strategy that will align with the company’s overarching digital framework.  

How we work

  • We help our clients with their accounting, budgeting, forecasting, cash flow and so much more. 

  • We design an efficient system to run your accounting books on cloud smoothly.

  • We tailor our services to fit your needs and help you make smart, profitable decisions through our proactive and forward-thinking advice.

  • We provide access to real-time information and reports whenever you need them.

How we work?

We offer free consultations with Chartered Professional Accountants

Who we work with


Medical Offices






Other online platform


Other Digital

The Revenue Recognition is absolutely critical for every SaaS company. The proper recognition is vital to correctly determine the financial health of your company.